Art Research Projects is the leading US research art resource. Our mission is to explore galleries, art communities and universities across Europe, Asia and the US, find hidden gems and present the finest pieces of art to our customers and art lovers.

Art research projects is a company based in Miami (FL) specialized in sculptures and artistic furniture which cooperates with various galleries and artists such as painters, photographers, conceptual artists, etc.

Branko Jovanovic is the Managing director of the Art research projects, and his mission is bringing only the finest artists and artworks emerging around the world, having in mind the sophisticated style of our art partners and customers.

Branko himself is an artist and an art collector.

Over the years living across Europe and the US, Branko made significant connections within the art world. This enabled him to represent young talented artists from around the world bringing the finest pieces of art to the United States galleries and art collectors.

Branko has been bringing the finest art to his customers for over a decade now.